Saturday, April 30, 2005


Greg (Alles) and I have been tossing around an idea about starting a tradition of 'forums' at McDaniel. The idea is fairly simple: at a time that is convient for students, we'd assemble 4-5 faculty, community members, etc to discuss a topic. Each person would get 5-10 min, strictly enforced, and then field questions from the audience. The idea would be to get some pretty good debates going, so the topics chosen should be of interest to you, and the panelist should be as broad in view point as possible.

For example:
Evolution and Intelligent Design
Panelists: Me, Greg, Wilbur Long, Someone from the Church of the Open Door.

Church and State:
Mark (Hadley), Herb Smith, others?

Video Games and Intelligence:
Me, Dr. Mazaroff, others?

Performance Enhancing Drugs


What do you think? Would we be able to attract people?


Check out this guy's blog. It's almost transcendent in it's Zen-like elegance:


Test Post

This is the first test post to the Phil Club blog.