Friday, September 28, 2007


The use of 'vajayjay' in the McDaniel free press today inspired me to reinvigorate the McDictionary. I've lost the access to the old blog, so here it is in a single post:
Business major
(n) a person, usually male, who participates frequently in organized sports
"My, what a voluminous gaggle of business majors in glar this eve"
(v, transitive) to degrade someone or something with a lot of attitude.
"Damn, he got all Jersey on your ass."
(v, non-transitive) (esp. "Pubbin' it") To eat at the pub (see 'pub').
(n) Proper Name. A stage production held on the last day of freshman orientation during which topics such as sex and drugs are discussed.
(v, non-transitive) (esp. "kirkin' out") to suffer a emotional and psychological breakdown, specifically in response to an overload of work.
"A freshman is kirkin' out in Rouzer" 8-28-2005 (during 'Choices' (see 'Choices'))
(n) Proper name? A fraternity
"He's a member of the bachelors" 8-31-2005
(v) to remove trays from a cafeteria table (see Glar (n))
"There is not much room on this table, we are going to have to detray." 9-2-2005
(n) One of the College's green vans.
"We are thinking about getting a pickle to go to the protest" 8-31-2005
(n) Food produced in McDaniel's cafeteria (see Glar (n)).
"Don't eat the glarbage" 8-31-2005

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