Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Updates to the McDaniel Dictionary

Stargasm (n) orgasm from watching stars. Related to 'mathgasm'). "I don't want to go look at the stars tonight. I'm not in the mood for a stargasm" (Sept, 2008)

Henticular (adj) Anything good that an asian does. From 'Henti', the anime version of porn. "Lin, that was henticular!" (Sept, 2008)

hella (adj) modifier - as in 'hella good'

obvi (adj) shortened version of 'obvious'.

hollabread (exclamation) general enthusiastic / celebratory exclamation. From 'Challah bread', the sweet breaded bread.

soulja boy (n) synonym of 'awkward turtle'.

awkward turtle (n) hand symbol used to silently express 'awk-WARD', which was popular a few years ago.

party foul (n) Spilling beer at a party

creeper (n) noun version of 'creepy'. "Sam Paxton, you're such a creeper" (reported by S. Dunne, Fall 2008).

camp-po (n) Campus police

straight (adj) shorthand for 'having everything I need' - "Do you have enough beer? Yeah, I'm straight."

deco (n) Contraction for diet coke

cra-cra (adj) pronounced cray-cray. shortened version for 'crazy'. "Girl, you cra-cra".

WoWer (n) World of Warcraft player.

jockitude (n) the attitude typical of jocks. "That guy is has some serious jockitude" (Fall 2008)

labby (n) Someone who attended the Lab school in DC

Doucheweasel (n) Someone who is really irritating (i.e. even more than a Douchebag).

cho-cho (n) vagina.

fooding (v) present participle of the verb 'to food'.

friend (v) to add someone as a friend on facebook.

ACSlatering (v) to go to the bathroom backwards (male only). From the character 'AC Slater' on Saved by the Bell, who always sat on his chair backwards.

boomer (n) magic mushrooms

crysterbation (n) from scrubs (probably) to masturbate using own tears as lubricant.

OGC - look at the word sideways (with the C down). You'll figure it out.

dick fest (n) a game of verbal one-up-man-ship, usually played by males, where each member of the group attempts to show the vastness of their intellect by producing trivial facts. The content varies, but is always tied to the area of discourse that defines the particular sub-culture: i.e. 'You said that X first appeared in Spiderman 3, but in fact, he made his first appearance in Spiderman 5'.
"I'm not going to GLAR today, but I'm not in the mood for a dick fest" (9/10/2008)

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