Monday, May 02, 2005

The Blog...

OK, here are some of the cool things we can do with this:

(1) I've set it up so that registered users can email posts directly to the blog. I won't put the email address here, but will let you know via the philosophyclub mailing list.

(2) You can get the blog via an RSS / Atom feed at: If you don't know what that means, in short: you can get the blog as if it is email. I'm not sure how each email program works, but in thunderbird (mozilla), go to Tools -> Accounts. Click on 'Add Account'. And Select 'RSS News and Blogs'. Call it what you want, and put the URL above into the 'location' box.

(3) Output. We can, if we want, send posts to the blog to the list. This might be annoying. But we could set up a second mailing list for people who can't use the RSS feed, and they'll get the messages as they are posted as well.

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