Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Philosophical Gourmet Report 2004 - 2006 :: Overall Rankings

If you haven't seen this before, this is a ranking of graduate programs in Philosophy. A few caveats: 1st, there is a HUGE difference between a program's reputation and the quality of instruction. In a perfect world, these rankings reflect ONLY the reputation. 2nd, this is not a perfect world. The rankings tend to value Analytic core (mind / language or Metaphysics & epistemology) over both value theory (ethics / aesthetics) and continental. Also, there have been a number of cases where a school is ranked highly because they have a famous semi-retired faculty member who, in fact, never actually interacts with students.
The Philosophical Gourmet Report 2004 - 2006 :: Overall Rankings

The rankings are also broken down by subject area - but the same caveats apply: for example, in my last year at Temple, it was ranked 10th in a 5-way tie with schools like UC Berkeley. UCB had one mind guy: a semi-retired part time John Searle. When my advisor announced he was leaving Temple, it dropped off the rankings - but the school he went to didn't replace it! (it's there now - in group 3)


All that having been said, reputation of a school is important. This information is interesting, and should help you when considering what grad school to apply to - BUT take it with a grain of salt.

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